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A mix between a Kill'em all and a City Builder !

The game

You control a ship with which you can build a city and defend it against a horde of enemies.


  • Little ship:
    • 5 life points
    • can shot simple bullet or guided missiles
  • Big ship:
    • 30 life points
    • slower, can shot simple bullet or guided missiles

Enemies can destroy buildings.


  • House:
    • costs 100§
    • consumes 1 power unit per second
    • increases your maximum population by 10
    • if not supplied by a power plant, max population decrease by 1 per second
  • Power plant:
    • costs 200§
    • produces 5 power unit per second in a limited range
  • Ship repair center:
    • costs 350§
    • consumes 2 power unit per second
    • heals you by flying nearby (needs power to work)


Action Keyboard/Mouse XBox controller PS controller
Forward/Backward W/S Left stick Up/Down Left stick Up/Down
Stafe Left/Right A/D Left stick Left/Right Left stick Left/Right
Rotate Left/Right Q/E LB/RB L1/R1
Fire Left click A Cross
Build House F X Square
Build Generator G Y Triangle
Build Reparation center H B Circle
Fire direction Mouse move Right stick Right stick
Pause game Escape



The game jam release is not well balanced (enemy waves spawn time, money, moving speed...) but we are working on a post jam (non evaluated) release more equilibrated (and with better graphics).

To do list

  • Ballance difficulty
  • Add max population to final score
  • Add better buildings models
  • Add more intricated behavior ( links between two genre )
  • Add more enemy types
  • Add more projectiles types
  • Add attack patterns
  • Add player upgrades

Known issues

In redaction


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Source code (LudumDare version) 87 MB
[Windows] Build'em All (LudumDare version) 25 MB
[MacOS] Build'em All (LudumDare version) 27 MB
[Linux] Build'em All (LudumDare version) 43 MB

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