A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Alone in your submarin after an accident, try to escape a mysterious underwater creature.


By default you can use arrow keys to move or ZQSD (we use French keyboard, sorry).

If you want to use WASD (or an other key binding) to move, at the game startup (in the Deep Configuration popup) go to the Input tap and change the binding.

Headset recommended

To do list

  • Sonar
  • Air recycler system
  • Ship commands
  • Creature following ship
  • Obstacles generation
  • Obstacle collision
    • Create events
    • Shaking camera
  • Audio feedbacks
    • Impossible operations
    • Alarms
    • Creature
  • Random events
    • Water leak
    • Engine failure
    • Air system failure
  • Game over conditions
    • Overtaken by creature
    • Not enough oxygen
    • Ship reach the objective
  • Lights
    • Ambiant lights
    • Alarm lights
    • Max powered lights
  • Music
    • Ambiant music theme
    • Creature music theme
  • Battery
    • Level changing with realtime consumption
    • No battery events

External tools and assets used

  • ATM by CGY
  • Sci-Fi Door by 3DMondra
  • Sci-Fi Modular Environment 1.0 by Adamations
  • Sci-Fi Asset Pack 1.0 by HoSchu 3D


deep_32-bit_Fix1.zip 227 MB
deep_64-bit_Fix1.zip 229 MB
Deep_Linux.zip 248 MB
Deep_mac.zip 243 MB

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